Create captivating AI avatar videos. No video equipment or video editing skills are required. Make stunning videos in minutes. Get new qualified business leads fast.

Are you looking to create professional videos for your business, but don't want to be in front of the camera?

Synthesia is an AI Video creation platform that allows you to create amazingly professional videos using AI Avatars!

With its intuitive web-based interface you can easily create engaging videos without any equipment or editing skills.

Synthesia can replace boring docs, PowerPoints, and PDFs with dynamic and inclusive videos. You can choose from over 125 stock AI Avatars or create your own digital twin to engage your viewers and make your videos more diverse.

With Synthesia, you can also localize your videos in over 120 languages and turn your script into high-quality voiceovers, saving time and resources on edits and updates. And with its feedback and collaboration features, you can quickly prototype a video, get feedback, add comments, and speed up production to align with stakeholders for quicker sign-offs.

Synthesia's functions and benefits include:

  • Create professional videos in 15 minutes
  • 125+ AI Avatars
  • 120+ languages/accents
  • 60+ predesigned video templates
  • Custom AI Avatars
  • No equipment or video editing skills required
  • Engage viewers with AI presenters and diverse Avatars
  • Localize videos and turning scripts into voiceovers
  • Getting feedback, editing and updating in one place
  • Prototyping and collaborating with your team
  • Saving up to 80% of your time and budget

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