What is Text Cortex AI?

Text Cortex AI

Text Cortex AI  is an AI writing software that helps you to write content for website blogs, social media, ads, product descriptions, and for many other writing applications.

Who should use Text Cortex AI?

Text Cortex AI is ideal for marketers, students, professionals, content creators, agencies, and entrepreneurs who want to create high-quality written content quickly and easily.

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Text Cortex AI?

  • ZenoChat is a ChatGPT alternative with up-to-date knowledge and customizable personas
  • 60+ AI Writing Templates
  • Create Content in 25+ Languages
  • Voiceovers to assist if you have trouble reading
  • Browser extension so that it can be used with 1000's of platforms
  • Can summarize longform copy
  • Able to rephrase, rewrite text and paraphrase in a variety of ways providing an alternative take or even to read better

The biggest benefits include reduced time and effort in writing content as well as being able to improve the writing.

What makes Text Cortex AI Different from its competitors?

There are a couple of things that make Text Cortex AI stand out from its competitors:

  • It has a powerful and customizable AI Chat assistant called ZenoChat which can fetch up-to-date information from the internet or any data source.
  • The pricing model includes a free version: which includes 10 free creations, ZenoChat features, Rewriting & Rephrasing, Extend text,  email writer, and no credit card is required.

Final Thoughts

There are several AI writing assistants and Text Cortex AI is certainly one of those vying for a position in the market.

The best way to decide whether Textcortex AI is suited to your needs is to try out the Free option and compare the output for a specific use case (blogging, rephrasing, or product description etc.) to some of the other AI Assistants.

Each of the writing Assistants is continuously adding new features, so we suggest you take Textcortex AI for a spin and check out it's latest features.

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