Will AI replace writers? if not now, when?

Will AI Replace Writers

It's a question on the lips of many people, especially writers.

How do we know this? Well, boatloads of people are searching for the answer on search engines.

It's a very valid question, especially if your livelihood depends on writing.  If we were to write a list of  writing jobs out there, the list would be long and varied and would invariably include:

  1. Blog post and content writers
  2. Copywriters
  3. Ghostwriters
  4. Editors and proofreaders
  5. Journalists
  6. Researchers
  7. Content marketers
  8. Social media managers
  9. Technical writers
  10. English Professors

Will Artificial Intelligence replace all of these writing roles?

Well, right now, these AI writing tools can aid a human writer in brainstorming, developing creative ideas, overcoming writer's block, and driving the generative writing process.  These tools have been described as co-authoring tools, where the writer is in command but draws upon AI writing software to give inspiration and fill in any gaps.

Many also feel that AI writing software can actually help them improve their writing. We can certainly attest to that, having used all of the tools on our homepage. These tools have been able to produce some great written content and helped us get better at writing.

So currently the general consensus is that it is unlikely we will see software like this overtaking and replacing writers.

What Writing Jobs could AI take over?

Many people say that AI won't and can't replace human writers. They believe the capabilities of AI will be limited and that AI technology can never recreate human emotions, feelings, human creativity, accuracy, or originality. They believe it is for these reasons AI will not surpass humans in writing.

As the above list of writing jobs show, there are many types of writing. It is conceivable that certain types of writing such as factual information that requires little creativity or emotion (academic papers, technical writing, and scientific research) could be the first wave of writing to be overtaken by Artificial Intelligence.

I for one think the future of writing is less clear. AI will change over time, it will obviously develop further and probably at a much faster rate, if we allow it to.

Right now we still have rudimentary tools like Chatgpt and a host of AI writing tools which are relatively leaps and bounds more impressive than what we had in the past. However, these will probably feel far inferior to AI tools of the future.

Right now fact-checking is mandatory to make sure that there is no incorrect information. If we take ChatGPT as an example,  it is limited to information up until 2021. So it is unable to provide accurate answers after this date as it is not connected to the internet.

What about 10, 20, 30 years from now? With the competing AI platforms potentially racing ahead. More intelligent and up-to-date AI platforms are inevitable and as a result more effective writing machines will be able to do much more than today's AI writers.

We have been told that many jobs will be lost and that these are not only manual labor jobs, but also what we term as white collar jobs which may include writers of all flavors.

Small businesses including agencies are already experimenting with AI writing tools, to see if they can write better, faster, and at a lower cost than teams of writers.  Of course for now they still need some writers to use these AI writing tools, but they could in time replace many professional writers.

Will AI Replace Copy Writers
AI-Generated Image 

AI Writing Tools for All Styles of Writing

If you look at the directory of AI Writers on the homepage, you will see that there are writing content creations tools for a range of applications including:

Story writing


Advertising copy

Sales copy

Technical writing

Under the hood of these platforms, you will invariably find ChatGPT or alternative AI software. These platforms are further enhanced to output plagiarism free, unique as possible copy for these various use cases.

As we test many of these AI for writing platforms, we are finding that new features and enhancements are being added almost on a weekly basis. There is no stopping creative content from being produced with fewer people and reduced timeframes.

Where once writing teams were employed, companies are certainly testing these writing tools to see if they can replace some of the writers.

AI Will Replace Replace Writers!

The question isn't "if", it is "when".  Well, that's my personal prediction.

My view is that Artificial-Intelligence advancements will accelerate at a dizzying pace and AI will fully replace writers, if not now, then eventually.

If AI can be trained on vast amounts of written data and is able to have all that information at the ready when writing, could the writing output be as good as anything written by a human?  

My guess is that future generative AI writing tools will be able to produce human-like writing, even replicate (artificial) emotions and replace many different if not all types of writing roles.

I do think in time copy written by AI programs will be indistinguishable from those written by humans.

I'd like to reread this in over 10 years and see how right or wrong I have been!


Will AI replace Copywriters?

My personal opinion is that AI will eventually replace the vast number of copywriters. In the short term, we will still need copywriters to instruct AI, fact-check, and rewrite copy produced by AI, but the time will come probably sooner rather than later when AI fully replaces copywriters.

Note: This is merely my prediction and I am sure we could have a long debate on this matter.

Will AI Replace Authors?

Unlike copywriters, authors create characters, new worlds, twisting plots, they describe relationships between human beings, and dig deep down into emotions such as love, hate, envy, anger, fear, happiness - the question is could AI write as well as human writers. For the foreseeable future I don't think so........ but as I said above, AI development in all areas will keep on accelerating and before we know it, AI may even take over the writing of creative stories, so we are left to merely indulge ourselves in the end products.

Note: Again, this is merely my prediction, not a statement of fact, because no one knows for sure!

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