What can an AI Blog Writing Tool Actually do for You?

AI Blog Writing Tool

Once perceived as a "people-only job," content creation has now been revolutionized by artificial intelligence. Using AI, one can make the writing process quicker and better.

AI blog writing tools can fuel the creation of your blog and articles with valuable content for your target audience. Whether writing short-form blog content for informational articles or long-form content for affiliate marketing, these tools make writing articles simpler, faster, and budget-friendly.

So whether you're a professional content writer or a conversion-hungry blogger, we've curated a list of AI tools that are ready to help create content for your blog that resonates with your target audience.

AI Article Writing Assistants: From Spell Checkers to High-Quality NLP Content

Back in the 1990s, we had software that would spell-check our work, in time more editing features were added to various writing tools to help us become more productive. Fast forward to today, we have Grammarly, an  AI-powered assistant which reviews spelling, grammar, and punctuation and suggests replacements for the identified errors.

In addition, we have AI writers that integrate with Grammarly and are powered by Natural language processing (NLP),  capable enough to help you write high-quality content for your writing projects.

How Does The Best AI Writer Tools Create Content?

Modern AI writing tools use a combination of technologies such as:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) - NLP is used to analyze and understand human language, allowing the AI writer tool to generate content that is similar in style and tone to that of a human writer.

Machine Learning (ML) - ML is used to train the AI writer tool on large datasets of text, allowing it to learn how to generate content that is relevant and accurate.

Deep learning algorithms are used to analyze patterns in the data and generate new content based on those patterns.

As more of these technologies are being used in AI writers, writers are able to use AI writers as powerful co-authors in their writing, or at least allow AI Writers to offer some direction, inspiration, and basic content to rework.

Benefits of Using An AI Writing Tool

We all know these tools can help you save time and effort by providing a written output that you can amend, refine and make yours. Many times a writer may need that initial piece of inspiration or something to get the writing momentum off the ground and this is where an AI Writing Tool can really help.

Other ways that AI writing tools can assist you include researching topics, generating outlines introductions, and conclusions, and editing drafts. Sounds counterintuitive but they can improve your writing skills.

Create Valuable AI Articles at Pace

AI Writers can help you write well-researched, structured, and eye-catching articles whether short form or long form.

They can help you reduce your writing times and get great content out faster to stay ahead of your competition. Your competitors may also be using AI writers, but the way you use them will give you the edge.

Burning Research

Quality research is a must for bloggers and content writers. The better the research, and the more user-centric your content the easier it will be to achieve your goals whether promotion, education, or conversion. Good research takes a lot of time, and this is where AI Writers can drastically reduce time to publish. ..... but of course, you should always fact-check the output!

Customized Tone of Writing

Content writing in a consistent tone that represents a brand, and its positioning is vital to a single writer as it is to a business. There are AI writers on the market that can pick up your writing style and produce similar writing for future requests.

SEO Optimization

Some AI writer tools offer SEO-optimized content by suggesting target keywords in key places throughout the text.  So if an AI  tool can give you blog ideas, article structure with headings, writes the first version of each paragraph for you to make your own, and optimizes your final content! Is there anything else left to do? :)

ai blog writing tool
Image created by AI 

The Missing Ingredients Of AI-Generated Content

AI writing tools can take the lead in generating cost-friendly and efficient content, but the output may still need some improvements.

Lacks character

While AI writers can help produce bulk and highly readable content with a breeze, they are still far from mimicking human emotional intelligence. To bring some character to your social media content and blogs, you will need to edit the content yourself.

It is only as good as you are

The quality of writing output from AI content generation tools hugely depends on the quality of your inputs. You can't write an amazing blog post by using simple prompts e.g.  "Write me a blog post for XYZ." You will need to understand different types of content frameworks like PAS and AIDA to churn content the way you want.  Many AI writers have 100s of ready-to-use prompt templates that can help to instruct the AI writers.

The Question of Authenticity

Although AI writers are trained on vast amounts of data, so we can't be sure if they're generating original content or not. AI writer tools use a lot of existing content and semantic phrases to come up with new ways to rehash the same information. While this is a good approach for generating quick content, it may leave traces of plagiarism, and factually incorrect information if you're not careful. We suggest always fact-check and rewrite in your own style.

Looking for a good AI Blog Writing Tool? Here are 8 to choose from

There are so many tools to choose from, but for writing engaging blog posts to convert sales copy, we suggest the following tools

Simplified AI

Cohesive AI




Copy AI


Anyword AI

How To get the most out of the Best AI Content Generators?

Though AI writing tools can sometimes lack the human touch, with the tips below, you can create high-quality content through AI that beats any mediocre human writer.

Don't Depend on It

Professional AI writers don't depend on AI Assistants through the entire writing process. They regularly fact-check the information provided and heavily edit content to add their writing style and touch to the content.

Provide in-depth Prompts

To get the kind of output you want,  you need to input clear and specific commands with as much detail as possible so there is no room for misunderstanding on the part of the AI writer. Pumping in details haphazardly will lead to confusion for the AI which will cause it to output poor content.

Keep Practicing

AI-powered writing assistants come with modern copywriting frameworks. To get the most out of them, practice your prompts. Try using different angles, readability, and sentence structure to see what works for you.

Wrapping Up: The Future of AI Writing

The power of AI writing is undeniable. The Best AI article tools have made creative writing ridiculously easy. They help you write blog posts that rank, highly engaging affiliate articles that sell, and fuel your branding with coherent aligned messaging. Although these AI writing models have limitations, the benefits of AI content outweigh the drawbacks.


Does Google Penalize AI-generated Content?

Yes, google does allow AI-generated content. According to Google as long as you generate content that adds value for the readers, there isn't any problem.

Can AI Writing Software Replace Human Writers?

Although AI text generators are getting better and better, they still lack emotional elements, can be factually incorrect and sound far removed from what humans can write. The list of AI writing software we shared above is only to assist you in creating blog posts not to overtake any writers!

What is the Best AI Writing Tool?

Check out the list above, and play around with a couple of the AI writers using their free service and then select the best one suited to your needs.

Can AI writing tools assist in multilingual content creation?

Yes, most AI software supports multilingual content creation. You can use AI to create quality content in different languages for different audiences.

Can AI writing tools produce user-friendly content in the technical niche?

Yes, with AI writing assistance you can set tone and readability for different types of audiences, thus making every content piece user-friendly, even if it is in a technical niche.

Can you use AI to Write Blogs?

The simple answer is yes, but we would suggest you try out a few of them from the above list and see which one you find best for blogs.

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