Can Jasper AI Help you Write Better Content... Faster?

Can Jasper AI Help you Write Better Content... Faster?
Jasper AI

As the scene around AI content has progressed, we've seen more and more writing assistants pop up in the market who claim to write highly engaging copy using AI. And one of the most famous tools in this space has been Jasper, formerly Jarvis.

This Jasper AI review will give you all you need to know before making a decision on whether to start using this AI content tool for your business.

What is Jasper?

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing assistant (ai copywriting tool) that uses Natural Language Processing and predictive analysis to help writers create original, SEO-optimized, and engaging content. This AI comes with personalized recommendations, competitor content analysis, and real-time data on content performance in SERPs.

With this software, you will be able to create ad copy, blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions, emails, customer feedback responses, or website and landing page content in a more efficient, effective, and accurate way.  Bottomline is that it just makes the writing process easier.

Jasper AI also provides customizable, pre-designed templates and workflows for you to automatically write content for various situations and purposes.

You can even interact with Jasper AI via the chat feature as you create, edit, and improve your content. It answers your task-related questions, offers relevant suggestions and resources, and generates high-quality written outputs. Furthermore, the tool integrates with Surfer SEO, Copyscape, and the free version of Grammarly which helps you create flawless content.

Who Developed Jasper AI Writing Assistant?

Dave Rogenmoser, John Philip Morgan, and Chris Hull, the Jasper team launched Jasper AI in 2021.

The idea for Jasper started as a tool for testing ad variations, but the team quickly saw how impactful it could be for all sorts of written content including long-form content. That's when the team pivoted towards creating a holistic AI writer, developing it into the Jasper AI solution we all know of today.

Originally, they called this tool Jarvis, but it was later rebranded to Jasper AI; this was done to keep it from being associated with Tony Stark's Jarvis AI from the Marvel movie Iron Man!   Word on the street is that Marvel (Disney) nudged the decision on the name change.

Pictured from the left are the founders of Jasper AI; John Philip Morgan, Dave Rogenmoser, and Christopher Hull.

Who is Jasper AI Ideal for?

Jasper AI is intuitive and versatile enough that almost anyone can use it to come up with high-quality written content. It can give you great ideas, regardless of the nature of your industry, business, profession, or project.

The copywriting tool can help bloggers (with its blog writing template), content creators, marketers (with templates like Facebook and Google Ads), entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, and freelancers cope with the stress of their daily content creation work. It can free up time that can be devoted to other business priorities such as strategy and nurturing relationships with customers.

A Glimpse into What Makes Jasper AI Partner A Genius

Remember that the quality of content you receive from Jasper depends on how you interact with this intelligent tool. Think of Jasper as a real friend or partner who you can rely on, especially when writing new content.

Therefore, you have to communicate and collaborate with it to obtain the kind of content you want. Jasper has been learning languages, writing styles, and key facts based on large amounts of training data.

If you want content in the most authentic, creative, and precise way possible, you must train Jasper with your own data, so that it can update its existing knowledge and produce content tailored to you. This is what we call generative AI; the ability to develop new data or content based on previous data.

Whatever information you give Jasper will have an impact on what and how Jasper writes.

Content Templates

There are over 50 content templates you can use to create content for specific use cases.  These include:

  • Product Descriptions
  • AIDA Framework - Attention, Interest, Desire, Actions
  • Amazon descriptions
  • Facebook Ad headlines
  • Creative Stories
  • FAQ Generator
  • Features to benefits
  • Oneshot Blog Post
  • PAS Framework (Problem Agitate Solution)
  • Press Release
  • Rewrite paragraphs

......and a boatload more functions

Simply put, a template contains input fields that you need to fill out with all important information on the content you want Jasper to create for you. Through these input fields, you can ask Jasper to write about a certain topic in the right context and tone of voice. Jasper then responds to your request by generating an output based on the details and guidelines you’ve provided in the template.

Let’s say I want to write an ad copy for my software product which follows the AIDA marketing model. I’ll simply choose the AIDA marketing copy template and enter the product name, description, and tone of voice in the input fields.

But I also want Jasper to generate three versions of ad copy for me, so I need to set the number of outputs to 3. Finally, I can click on the “Generate AI Content” button to prompt Jasper to do his job. In the example below, I tried creating a similar ad copy for Jasper itself.

This is what it came back with:

Jasper AI Commands

Templates, although a great feature, may not work well if you'd like to freestyle and create your own workflow. Commands work better if you do not wish to be limited by the number and kind of inputs you can give.

Commands allow you to provide as much information and guidelines as you want in your own plain language. You can tell Jasper what you need as if you’re talking to a friend on chat. Each command is made up of 3 basic components: Action, Structure, and Direction. That means you’re providing instructions to perform a task based on a specific structure and toward a certain direction.

You can type these commands within a document or workflow. Run the commands one at a time by hitting CTRL + ENTER on Windows PC or CMD + ENTER if you’re using Mac.

Now let’s try to use commands to create a complete long-form blog post. Suppose we’re making a blog post about vegetable gardens from scratch. The following command will trigger Jasper to give us some title ideas for our blog.

Here's a command that I gave to Jasper.

With the commands and in just a single click, we now have some blog title ideas.

Let’s pick the title, “The Best Time of Year to Plant a Vegetable Garden”. This time we want some key points to write about for that specific title. So, let's run a new command and get a blog outline.

Great! With an AI-generated blog title and outline, we can start writing paragraphs for our blog post, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Keep in mind that you can use commands with greater freedom and flexibility to unlock endless possibilities.

Indeed, you’ll be able to test, modify, and enhance your commands to achieve better results. For example, we can test different variations of a command to see what gets us the best output from Jasper. For our blog’s introduction, let's use the command, “Write an introduction paragraph about the above”.

Notice that this command includes the word “above” instead of the blog title “The best time of year to plant a vegetable garden”. Such a command prompts Jasper to read all previously written text or information so it can produce more relevant, accurate, and consistent AI-generated content.

Overall, the command feature in Jasper is fantastic for people who want more control over their content-writing process. It will work especially well for people who are used to creating content with the help of chatbots like ChatGPT.


Since Jasper is a writing assistant, people often underestimate its Art feature. However, I found it to be one of the best AI art generators on the market, especially if you're not particularly experienced with tools like DALL-E.

Let's say you've written a blog post about Digital Marketing Trends and wish to create a featured banner image for your blog post. You can go and type "Create an animation to use as a featured image for a blog post about top digital marketing trends in 2023."

Now, anyone who has used an AI art generator would know that you need to add the right descriptive keywords in the tool to get the output that you're looking for. For that, you can just use the "Enhance prompt" feature of Jasper and allow it to (as it says) enhance the prompt that you're giving it.

Here's how Jasper improved my prompt using this feature:

Here are the images that it generated.

You can choose any of the generated images and simply download them directly onto your device.

Key Benefits of Using Jasper as a Leading AI Tool

Increased Productivity

Jasper enables professionals across various fields and niches to spend more time on high-value activities rather than mundane and repetitive administrative tasks.

Resurgence of Creativity

Jasper offers a chance to regain your passion and creativity for writing. In just a few clicks, Jasper AI software allows you to create impressive ideas and content for stories, blogs, Facebook or Google ads, videos, emails, product/service pages, and more.

Brand-Tailored Customer Interaction

Companies and businesses can communicate with prospects and customers via engaging, memorable, and impactful content aligned with their brand’s tone, style, and key facts. These companies will be able to implement this at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional human copywriters.

Conversion Optimization

Jasper could help you attract new audiences and increase your website’s conversion rates. Jasper AI can help you write original, SEO-optimized content that is free of grammatical errors and duplicates and can help you rank higher on Google. Plus, you don't need to buy and use licensed and copyrighted stock images for your website, just use Jasper's AI Art feature.

Jasper AI Pros & Cons


Intelligent writing companion: Jasper AI is trained on big data, and that's why this AI assistant can continuously learn from people, content, and data to deliver high-quality results.

Multiple input tools and techniques: Templates, documents, workflows, commands, and Jasper chat allow you to give Jasper greater clarity, context, and creativity in generating content.

  • Centralized workspace: Tired of switching between different programs or windows? Activate Jasper’s Power Mode, and you’ll access all the tools you need for creating long-form content for your business in one place. This feature is available in Jasper AI's Teams Plan which was previously named Jasper Boss Mode Plan.

Driving business growth: Jasper offers an enterprise-ready solution for companies and teams to enhance and expand their content generation and marketing initiatives.


  • Jasper’s talking nonsense?: Sometimes Jasper repeats the same information or content, sounds generic or boring, or goes off on a tangent. This often occurs when you don’t provide Jasper with sufficient or correct information or instructions.
  • No fact-checking ability: Jasper AI can write content faster by pulling information from all over the internet. Unfortunately, it can’t verify how true, accurate, or reliable such pieces of information are. Don’t get shocked when Jasper includes outdated product pricing or scientific research in the content of your blogs or ads.
  • Creating content can be painful: Even though Jasper is useful for writing blogs, building longer content for niche-specific topics might be tedious. You need to learn the most appropriate commands for specific scenarios and do a lot of proofreading and editing. It’s fine, however, if you’re just working on short content and common topics, such as Facebook ad copy, meta titles and descriptions, and How-Tos.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI offers pricing plans that cater to the writing demands of various types of users.

The Creator Plan is perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, and freelancers. For as low as $39 per month, you can leverage Jasper's artificial intelligence for your daily tasks.

It lets you use Jasper to set up 1 tone of voice for your brand, access 50 memories to organize key information, and make content with more than 50 templates.

The Teams Plan: Small marketing teams and businesses can launch and scale their campaigns with Jasper by opting for the Teams Plan which starts at $99 per month.

You can create AI copy and communicate with target audiences in 3 tones of voice tailored to your own brand and store key business, product, and customer information in 150 memories.

Lastly, the Business Plan with custom pricing offers flexibility, scalability, and security to companies and departments. Teams and employees can use an unlimited number of brand-friendly tones of voice, styles of writing, and facts to drive customer engagement and business growth. The Business Plan also allows integration into existing systems with Jasper,  implementing SSO user authentication, and accessing useful analytics. Here's a visual illustration of the pricing at the time of writing:

Do keep in mind that these are the monthly prices if you bill yearly. For reference, this is what Jasper charges for a monthly billing cycle at the time of writing:

Jasper AI Competition

Jasper AI vs

Like Jasper AI, is another leading copywriting software that relies on AI to create high-quality content, fast. Both Jasper AI and are built on language models that are trained on vast amounts of data. As a result, both tools help you generate content that looks and sounds human.

Despite operating on the same kind of AI infrastructure, there are major differences between the two writing tools. While Jasper AI can be used for content marketing and copywriting purposes, focuses primarily only on the latter. With, you’ll be able to create shorter content aimed at persuading and converting the target readers, like writing social media ad copy. A few other examples are blog headlines and sections, product descriptions, social media captions, and email subject lines.

Such an AI copywriter doesn’t help much with content that requires rigorous research and writing, tasks that become a whole lot easier with Jasper. Stunning software like Jasper AI can help write massive volumes of informative, engaging, and inspiring content without hassle. You can discover amazing ideas and write many bits of content out of them. This is exactly where Jasper shines and shows better performance over


Can I use Jasper AI for free?

Yes, Jasper's 7-day Free Trial lets you use the Jasper AI app without paying anything upfront. You can set up an account for the Creator or Teams Plan for free. However, at the time of writing, you do need to give your credit card details to get the free trial.

Can I cancel my Jasper subscription at any time?

With Jasper’s Creator and Team Plans, you’ll have the option to pay a monthly fee but you’re not tied to any recurring contract or commitment. That means you can cancel your subscription in the Creator or Team Plan anytime you want. You can also sign up for a Creator or Team Plan for 12 months with a fixed price paid upfront.

How secure is my data with Jasper AI?

Jasper maintains that your personal, business, or customer data will never be collected, shared, or used to train the AI models that power the Jasper AI app.


Jasper is an AI copywriter and content creator that draws life from artificial intelligence models. Organizations, marketing agencies, and creators can use it to produce unique and engaging content for blogs, stories, ads, websites, sales pages, online shops, emails, and a lot more.

What's more, the Jasper art function allows you to create eye-catching images from existing texts or photos.   There is also a Jasper Google Chrome extension, which provides access to Jasper everywhere you write.

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