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Note: For this article, I am grouping titles, headlines, straplines, slogans, and taglines all together

In a digital landscape overflowing with content, and multiple platforms the battle for attention begins with a compelling title, slogan, or strapline. 

Depending on the context, the general key objective of a title would be to get the reader to read further into the material or share the content after reading the title as the associated article will be of interest to the forwarded party.

Generally speaking, these titles tend to be written by people who have had many years of experience in copywriting, advertising, or marketing. As of now, we are seeing a shift with the advent of AI tools, specifically AI Title Generators, that can write just as well. They can easily generate titles, sub-headings, slogans, and taglines given the right context and well-constructed prompts.  

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”― David Ogilvy

Crafting Attention-Grabbing Titles

The title content creation process requires a recipe to help generate a good title, and as long as you select the key ingredients you will most likely come up trumps. Let's look at some of these key title ingredients. 


A headline should be a beacon of clarity, instantly conveying the topic or offer without ambiguity. In an era of headline readers, clarity ensures that the message is immediately understood, reducing the risk of readers scrolling past. For instance, replacing a vague “Enhance your Writing Skills” with Learn to Write Captivating Titles and Increase Sales by 100%" provides more clarity and specificity. I could probably enhance this title even further.


If you have a title or headline that evokes interest or seems irresistible, the more likely the reader is to engage and read further.


Ensuring that a headline accurately reflects the content is crucial to retaining readers and building trust. So aligning expectations with the content is key. Misleading headlines lead to high bounce rates and can harm SEO rankings. 


Prompting immediate action may be appropriate, but this will not always be the case.  If you need a sense of urgency you can use the right language to compel the reader to take immediate action, whether it's reading the remainder of an article, subscribing, or making a purchase. Creating a fear of missing out (FOMO) can significantly boost conversions. For instance, transforming a generic “New AI Tools for Marketing” into “New AI Tools for Marketing: 25% Discount for 48 Hours!” injects urgency.

Value Proposition

Highlighting the benefit or solution offered can be crucial. By answering the reader’s implicit question – “What’s in it for me?” – you provide a compelling reason to click and engage. An impactful transformation can turn “Our New AI Business Tools E-book” into “10x Your Business Growth With Our New AI Business Tools E-book.”

Target Audience 

Add in your target audience in your title could add another layer of clarity regarding who the message is aimed at. For example: "Dentists!, Here Are The Best AI Tools for Marketing Your Business

Now this is not an exhaustive list, but it does provide some pointers. Depending on the objective of the title you could use emotive words, be more specific by using numbers, or promise an outcome. 

Types of Headlines and Their Uses

Understanding the various types of headlines and their purposes is very important. 

The type of title or headline is fundamentally dependent on where and how it will be used. Use cases include:

  • Direct marketing
  • Sales emails/letters
  • Sales Copy 
  • Advertising (online/offline)
  • Blogs/Articles
  • YouTube Videos

Each of these use cases will determine which of the title ingredients we spoke about above may be appropriate to use to get maximum impact. 

From Manually Writing to AI Title Generation

Above we have covered, use cases for titles and the different title elements that can be deployed. Hopefully, this has offered a high-level understanding and foundation for manual title generation. 

If we understand the basic building blocks of titles, we will be in a much better position to properly prompt and use AI writing tools to generate the most appropriate titles for us. 

Crafting Engaging Titles Using AI Title Generators

In this digital era, crafting engaging titles is as important as ever. Competition is higher now, so mediocre titles cannot cut through.  Where once marketing experts relied on their talents to come up with the most impactful titles, AI title generators can now be used not to fully replace but to augment. However, in the case of micro-businesses, where they have limited marketing resources,  they may have to fully rely on AI-generated titles. 

Artificial Intelligence title-generation tools do not just throw words together randomly. One way to ensure they produce exactly what you want is to create an appropriate title-focused "knowledge base" (examples of past titles, subheadings, marketing copy) to train the AI model before you let it loose and generate title suggestions.

Prompting the AI tool at an optimal level is going to be key to getting the best result. You can add relevant keywords, context, previous titles you like, and maybe product/service case studies with associated titles and copy. The more specific your training data and prompt the better the result you will get. 

While AI excels at generating creative and diverse options, human refinement remains integral. Any output will still require a human touch, in terms of reviewing, refining, aligning with the brand voice, and ensuring relevance to the specific audience. This collaborative approach harnesses the efficiency of AI title generators while preserving the human touch necessary for authenticity.

Here Are Some Creative Title Generators:

As mentioned earlier, the prompts that I usually write and use include extensive context, examples, and keywords, but as some of the AI Tools only allow for 1 sentence prompt, I have used a simple prompt as an example below:

Prompt: "How to select the right AI writing tool"

Below are the generated title examples

Prompt: Write 5 blog titles based on the following topic "How to select the right AI writing tool"

Titles generated:

"Decoding the Diverse Landscape: A Guide on How to Select the Right AI Writing Tool"

"Navigating the Tech Jungle: Tips and Tricks for Choosing Your Ideal AI Writing Tool"

"Unlocking Your Writing Potential: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best AI Writing Tool"

"The Write Choice: Demystifying the Process of Selecting the Perfect AI Writing Tool"

"From Options to Excellence: Mastering the Art of Choosing the Right AI Writing Tool"

Claude AI

Prompt: Write 5 blog titles based on the following topic "How to select the right AI writing tool"

Titles generated:

Titles generated: "Picking the Perfect AI Writing Assistant: Key Features To Consider"

"Weighing the Pros and Cons: 5 Crucial Questions for Choosing an AI Writer"

"Cutting Through the Hype: Essential Tips for Finding the Right AI Writing Tool"

"More Than Metrics: Going Beyond Speed and Accuracy When Selecting an AI Writer"

"Finding Your Match: Determining AI Writing Needs to Pick the Ideal Tool"

Prompt: Write 5 blog titles based on the following topic "How to select the right AI writing tool"

Titles generated:

"10 Factors to Consider When Choosing an AI Writing Tool"

"The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect AI Writing Tool"

"3 Tips for Choosing an AI Writing Tool That Matches Your Writing Style"

"Maximizing Content Creation: Assessing AI Writing Tool Options"

"Balancing Authenticity and Efficiency: Selecting the Best AI Writing Tool for You"

Prompt: Write 5 blog titles based on the following topic "How to select the right AI writing tool"

Titles generated:

"Unveiling the Mystery: Choosing Your Perfect AI Writing Tool"

"Navigating the Digital Realm: A Guide to Selecting AI Writing Tools"

"Mastering the Art of Selection: A Closer Look at AI Writing Tools"

"Demystifying AI: How to Choose a Writing Tool That Works for You"

"Taking the Guesswork out of AI: Selecting a Writing Tool That Fits Your Needs"

Prompt: "Write 5 blog titles based on the following topic "How to select the right AI writing tool"

Titles Generated:

"The Ultimate Guide: How to Choose the Perfect AI Writing Tool for Your Needs

"Unlock Your Writing Potential: Finding the Best AI Writing Tool for You

"From Novice to Pro: Selecting the Ideal AI Writing Tool for Your Skill Level

"Simplify Your Writing Process: Choosing the Right AI Writing Tool Made Easy

"Master the Art of Content Creation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Picking the Right AI Writing Tool


Are There Any Free AI Title Generators?

There are a few Free title generators, here is one example: SemRush

Should I Use Target Keywords in my Title?

If search engine optimization is a goal of your content, then you should find the most searched-for relevant keywords with the least amount of competition. This will help bolster your opportunity to feature in search results.

What is the Best Free AI-Powered Blog Title Generator? 

There are many AI title generators, most of which can be found as a subtool within AI writing tools. Please select one of the above-mentioned AI tools as most of them have a free or limited but free option.

Should Titles be SEO-Friendly? 

As almost everything is digital and online these days and people use search to find content, it is advised that you make your title SEO friendly as possible. 

What is the Best AI-powered Title Generator? 

Check out the above-listed AI tools that have a title generation template.

Can I generate Video Titles?

Yes, some AI Business Tools have video title-generation templates.

Try out some of the above AI Tools to generate your video titles

What is the Best Blog Title Generator Tool?

Test out a few of the above-listed AI Tools that have blog title generation tool

How Do you Optimize a Title? 

You should optimize your title to make sure it, grabs attention, is clear in messaging, talks to a specific market segment, and offers some kind of value. 

How Do you Generate a Blog Title Idea?

Above are examples of titles generated with AI tools. You should craft a good prompt and test it out with a few of the above AI tools.

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