What is Writely AI?

Writely AI
Writely AI

Writely AI is a writing assistant that you can use to write articles, short stories, emails, and even summarize videos.

I just need to point out that many people are confusing Writerly AI with Writely AI, they are in fact 2 different AI writing solutions.

Who Should Use Writely AI?

Writely AI is much aimed at

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Students
  • Solopreneurs

...... and just about anyone needing to write for their work, hobby, or education.

What Can Writely AI be Used For?

The main uses include articles, blogs, short stories, and emails.

Writely AI

How Should Writely AI be Used?

It's very easy to use this AI-powered writing tool.

All you need to do is select what you want to write from the left-hand bar whether it is an article, story, or email.

Writely AI
Writely AI

On the main writing canvas, you can write the title of your topic.

Writely AI
Writely AI

If you would like some help in structuring your article you can slide the "Advanced" button to ON. This will, in turn, give you an additional option on the lefthand bar entitled "Generate Assisted Article".

This takes you to a new page where you can enter the title of your article and Writely AI will provide you with a list of suggested subheadings to get you going. This is definitely a feature that helped me overcome my writer's block when it came to thinking up the structure of my last article.

Writely AI

From this point onwards you can do 1 of 2 things:

Start writing the first few lines of the text yourself and continue to write. If needed you can call upon the other features available such as, expand, shorten, rephrase, or even the WritelyCHAT

Alternatively, you can merely write the title of your article, place the cursor after the last word in the title hit "WRITE" and this AI-powered tool will start writing your first few lines. You can continue to click on "WRITE" and allow the AI assistant to continue writing for you.

Writely AI

The good thing is that it does not write whole paragraphs, which allows you to read, amend, rephrase, or rewrite each of the few lines of written content. This really does allow you to keep control and in many ways improves your writing.  I found that this ability to oversee these short sentences ultimately results in the output of high-quality content.

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Writely AI?

You'll find that this AI writer has a very simple interface, as you can see from the above screen captures.

I've mentioned some of the key features previously, but I have listed them again below:

  • Expand: (has a limit of 30 words)
  • Shorten: (has a limit of 38 words)
  • Rephrase: (has a limit of 40 words)
  • Advanced Mode: that will write your subheadings
  • Writely CHAT
  • Generate Assisted Articles: This feature generates a number of subheadings and helps to structure your article.  All you have to do is insert your title, and Writely AI will generate key headlines that you can use to write your article.
  • Chrome Extension: The Chrome extension can help you summarize YouTube videos, write emails, and write content. You can grab the AI writing tool Chrome extension here: Chrome Extension  

What Makes Writely AI Different?

I think the main differentiator is the simple user interface which makes the experience of using Writely AI's functionality straightforward and uncomplicated.

In addition, the "WRITE" functionality gives you just a few lines of text so that you can review and amend if required, giving you full control of your article.

Final Thoughts on Writely AI

This AI writing assistant makes the writing process easy by giving you prompts such as writing a few lines for you as well as rephrasing, shortening, or expanding existing text.

The Writely AI Tool offers a $1 trial for 5 days and is well worth trying out the functionality


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