10 of The Best AI Writing Software Platforms

AI Writing Software
AI Writing Software

What is AI Writing Software?

There are many different writing categories, that include copywriting, academic writing, creative writing, business writing, scientific writing, and technical writing. To help in writing for these diverse styles, there are specific content creators, an example being Sudowrite, which is solely used to help write creative stories.

You also probably know that over the last year or so, there has been an explosion in content writing software and many of these have been in the business-related space. These slick AI content writers analyze text input using natural language processing and machine learning. They understand style and grammar, and then they crank out article outlines, content ideas, and pump out well-written text at breakneck speed but only if instructed and prompted properly.

These AI content generators have writing templates that make it easy to instruct the AI technology to write for a specific requirement. Examples of these templates include:

  • Paragraph Generator
  • AIDA Framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
  • Creative Stories
  • Ad copy, headlines and copy (Facebook, Google)
  • Product Features & Descriptions
  • Social Media Posts
  • Video, Headlines, outlines, titles descriptions

.....and the list goes on.

These templates really do speed up the process of getting a first draft of written content that can be molded into something valuable for the reader.

One thing that I always repeat is that the written output should always be reviewed and revised. This is because our AI friends have not quite perfected the art of checking and providing factual information, in addition to writing in a style we may want them to. When I use AI copywriting tools, I usually rewrite to reflect the tone and style consistent with my brand and how I want to come across.

How Big is the AI Writing Assistant Software Market?

Any idea, how fast this market is growing?

Well, the AI writing assistant software market size was valued at USD 818.48 Million in 2021.

It is currently forecasted to reach USD 6.464.31 Billion by 2030!! That my friends is a big number! 😁 (verifiedmarketresearch.com)

As a result, we can expect to see more advanced AI writing software released regularly due to AI advancements, intense competition, and market demands from people like us. 😎

How does AI Writing Software Work?

If you look at our homepage, you will see there is an abundance of different writing tools on the market. The vast majority of these at this stage use the same large language models (LLMs) at the back end.

Meaning that these AI-powered writing assistants basically are connected to OpenAI’s GPT-3 or GPT-4 APIs, with a few extra features built on top to help differentiate.

The difference between these AI writing software tools is usually down to the incremental add-ons to the chatbot engine. Otherwise, you would get very similar results from the same prompt no matter which AI software you use.

Currently, GPT is the main engine under the hood for many of these AI content writing tools. It will take a prompt from you and predict what words will best follow based on the data it has been trained on. That training data includes books, articles, and other documents across all different topics, styles, and genres.

As an example, predictive text which we have all come to love 🤪, guesses your next words based on your typing habits. Whereas AI writing software casts a wider net, searching the data sets available to them for info on your prompt and compiling responses based on what others have said.

These content creation machines complete the tasks given to them in a matter of seconds as opposed to humans spending hours researching and writing from scratch.

What is the Best Way to Use the Power of AI writing?

The following is my personal writing workflow using AI writing tools and the content creation process I use to create high-quality content.

  1. Take a keyword or topic that I want to write for

2. Mind map the subtopics under this keyword

3. Map out key points I want to make for each of these subtopics

4. Take the main keyword for my article and use an AI writer blog heading template and produce 5 to 10 headlines.

5. Review the 10 or so headlines and take the best bits of each and create a single attention-grabbing headline for the article.

6. Go through the process again, but this time take each subtopic in turn and use an AI writer paragraph template to write a paragraph or two.

7. Review the paragraphs in turn and refine, or rewrite manually. If you feel that the paragraph are way off-mark, reinsert them in the AI writer using better prompts or a different template. Manually refining or rewriting the output is always a must at the end.

5. When happy with the paragraphs, stitch them into a single full article.

5. With the final article again reread it multiple times and refine it as needed, so it is an authentic piece of work.

The help of AI is valuable, but I always want the work to be majority mine and I find this is the way that works for me to generate high-quality content.

What are the Main Benefits of using AI Writing?

Time-saving: AI tools can generate writing output at pace, saving you hours of manual writing from scratch.

Accuracy and Quality: With proper oversight, AI copywriting delivers error-free copy in your unique brand voice. It can never be said enough, but the text has to be checked and revised to make it your own. Don't be like many others who take the written output from AI writing tools and use it as is.

Cost-effective: It can be far cheaper than hiring writers. AI copywriting will if used properly optimize your budget.

Original and unique content: Rework AI content to make it your own for originality.

Increased productivity: AI copywriting boosts productivity, enabling you to do more.

Scalability: Ideal for solopreneurs as well as startups and small and large teams to scale content output.

Consistent brand messaging: AI copy can align with your brand style for consistent messaging if you manage the tools well.

Potential for higher ROI: You can produce optimized AI copy that drives SEO, traffic, conversions, and ultimately revenue.

How Should AI Writing Software be Used?

Here are a few pointers on how to effectively use AI writing platforms

  • Use the writing templates

Each of these AI writing tools tends to have an array of writing templates, I would suggest you select one closest to your requirements, use it and review the output.

I would even compare the output vs alternative platforms and their writing templates.

Doing this will give you a feel for which tool is best serving your needs.

  • Provide in-depth prompts

If you are not using the writing templates, you should feed the AI clear, specific, and detailed prompts to get your desired output. Rambling prompts confuse the AI, yielding poor content.

  • Question its Accuracy

AI writing tools are there to assist, not drive, the process. I always suggest that you fact-check the writing.

  • Stamp your Style

I would suggest you heavily edit to infuse your style. The human touch remains vital.

  • Refine your technique with diligent practice

Experiment with different angles, readability levels, and sentence structures to optimize prompts. Practice makes perfect with AI writing assistants. Let the tech complement your skills.

AI Writing Software
Image Generated by AI 

10 of the Best AI Writing Software Platforms

Here is my list of 10 popular AI writing software platforms. We have used all of them and they have done a good job for us in our writing endeavors.

We've linked each one below to a short review on our homepage.

Most of the above have a free trial or a free plan available that can be used to test them out.

Key Takeaways

Based on my experience of using different AI writing software, I have provided a list of the ones that have performed really well for me in my content generation journey.

I have used many of the writing templates within each of the tools and have generated long-form content as well as shorter written content, including headlines, outlines, ad copy, and product descriptions. Generally speaking the outputs from the various AI writers have been comparable.

Having said this one of my favorites right now is Cohesive AI. I love the numerous writing templates, the easy-to-use UI, and the simple pricing structure.

Optimizing content is key, and you should always fine-tune your content. The content should be:

  • Optimized for a human reader, so that the article is of interest, engaging, and provides value. Make sure your readers think it's high-quality content.
  • Optimized so that the tone and style really resonate with the reader
  • Optimized for SEO if you want to get ranked higher on SERPs.

In conclusion, the AI copywriting software presented in this article should give you a great starting point into the world of AI writing tools that can help in your writing journey.

Again these AI writing tools can help improve your writing, reduce the time it takes, and give you new ideas to include, but the best outcomes will require your input at the beginning, during, and end of the AI writing process.

Lets us help you find the Best AI Writing Software

AI Tools Tribe is here to help you select the best AI writing tools based on your needs. We provide an unbiased and free consultancy with experienced experts.

Using our service allows you to compare different AI tools and select the one that fits your budget, timeline, and requirements. So don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today!


What is the Best AI Writing Software?

Many of the review sites will put Jasper as the best AI writing tool. Yes, I agree it is very good, but many of my readers have told me that there needs to be a balance between features and pricing.

As of writing today, Jasper is offering its Creator price plan for $39/month and Cohesive AI is offering its Creator plan at $15/month (both on annual billing).

If you are on a tight budget try out Cohesive AI for FREE

Is there a Free AI Writing Tool?

There is no absolutely free AI writing tool that is going to give the best results. 

Instead, I would use the free plans or free trial plans of the above powerful AI tools. A lot can still be done with the stripped-down free pricing plans.

Do Freelance Writers Use AI?

Many Freelancer writers use AI assistants in aiding them to write faster and better. 

The community of freelancers that I am a part of all use AI writers to varying degrees.

Will AI Writing Replace Writers?

Check out my article on this very subject: Will AI Replace Writers? If not Now, When?

Can AI Replace Copywriting?

Check out my article on this very subject: Will AI Replace Writers? If not Now, When?

What is the Cheapest AI writer?

As shared previously Cohesive AI has a bunch of features at a great price.

What is the Best Creative Writing AI Software?

If I was to give you one creative story-writing AI software, I would say it's Sudowrite. Sudowrite is an AI writing co-author. Check out a full-blown review that I wrote here: Sudowrite - The Perfect Solution to Your Creative Writing Struggles

Plus, here are some Sudowrite Short Feature Videos

How Can I Detect AI-Generated Content?

One of the best software to detect AI-generated content is Originality AI. 

This tool uses a variety of methods to identify AI-generated text, including looking for patterns in the text, checking for fluency, and looking for inconsistencies.

How Can I Avoid AI Detection in Writing?

The best way to avoid AI detection in writing is what I shared throughout all my articles on AI writing tools.

A writing tool can help in providing an initial draft, a framework, and some draft content, but you must review, rewrite and refine and just stamp your style on it!

What are the risks associated with AI writing?

I think the main risk associated with AI writing is that you take the final written article and post it without any refining, rewriting, or SEO optimization. 

There are many people already doing this, so you are not going to have much of a chance to stand out from your competition.

Can I Use AI to Write Blog Posts?


There are many benefits of using AI for writing blogs. Although I personally tend not to use the one-shot blog functionality in AI writing apps, I just find I have little control over the output.

I personally like to break down the different parts of the blog and use separate writing templates.

Can I Use AI Writing Software to Make Money?

Yes, you can definitely make money using AI writing software and I am sure there are many short-term gimmicks, but the time-tested strategy is.....

.......write value-rich, attention-grabbing, interest-promoting, engaging, action-taking copy that helps you sell your offerings.

You can do this by using a powerful AI writing tool that you feel comfortable with and regularly producing this kind of content over a long period of time until you create a community and a buzz around you.

What is the Best AI Writing Software for SEO?

The short answer to this is, that I personally use the below 2 SEO tools that help me write with the aid of AI.

Surfer SEO

Check them out.

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