Sudowrite - The Perfect Solution to Your Creative Writing Struggles

Sudowrite is a clever AI writing companion that can help you on your creative writing journey.

An Introduction to AI Writing Tools

When word processors first came out in the late 1970s they dramatically increased the efficiency of writers. Writers could easily edit, and correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and sentence punctuation. In addition, there were more formatting choices with a word processor, and documents could be stored, but the major cerebral task still had to be done by humans.

Now with the advent of AI creative writing software, writers have a little more support to offload some of the creativity or at least get AI to generate an idea or two to help in the writing process.

AI creative writing tools are revolutionary software that can generate human-like text. These tools leverage natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms combined with artificial intelligence to facilitate the writing process. AI creative writing tools allow users to generate new content, write stories, and mimic writers where additional writing support is needed. With these powerful story tools, you can easily create engaging content for your readers with natural-sounding text quickly and efficiently, where previously you may have been creatively stuck. It has to be made clear, that these AI writers are not there to replace human writers but only to facilitate the creative writing process.

This Sudowrite review provides a comprehensive overview and is based on the actual use of the software.

What is Sudowrite?

As a writer, you know that writing can be a daunting and lonely task, filled with battles against writer's block and nagging self-doubt.

Now you can easily overcome these issues and go on a creative writing adventure with Sudowrite. Think of Sudowrite as your new AI story-writing partner!

This clever AI writing companion can help you on your creative journey, as it has a number of features that helps writers with various aspects of writing, including plot, characters, and even style. So that your writing journey becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Sudowrite collaborates with you on your work, bouncing ideas back and forth and overcoming creative obstacles together.

We've done an extensive review which includes, features, benefits, pros, and cons. So say goodbye to that empty blank page, and hello to your new writing partner, and write stories that immerse your readers.

Who developed Sudowrite?

Who is the Sudowrite team?  

Well, James Yu and Amit Gupta, are the founders of Sudowrite.

Back in 2014, Amit sold his first business, Photojojo, and turned his hand to writing science fiction. He joined a writers club and that's where Amit and James met each other.

The founders had originally developed the software for personal use to help develop creative avenues for their own work together but later found that it was a useful tool that they could provide to other story writers.

Who is Sudowrite aimed at?

If you are a creative writer, novelist, screenwriter, or short story writer, this AI creative writing tool is aimed right at you. This intuitive software is an aid to help you if you hit a brick wall with the occasional bout of writer’s block. It is a companion that can provide inspiration on the story plot, offer a gentle nudge on some descriptions, give you possible avenues for the next part of the story, or even allow you to brainstorm, places, objects, dialogues characters, and more.

As an independent author or part of an organization, Sudowrite, can help you explore a variety of features that will help you accelerate the writing process and take your creativity to the next level. But trust us when we say this tool isn't meant to be used all the time. The bulk of the actual writing is still done by yourself, but Sudowrite merely gives you a stimulus when you need it.

Sudowrite's AI-powered summarization capabilities can also be a valuable tool for literary agents and publishing companies who may need to summarize works for publishing and marketing purposes.

An Intro to Sudowrite

Once logged into Sudowrite - it takes you on a guided tour. It starts to write a sample story (below).

The guided tour shows you that if you hit a mental roadblock - you can click the “write” icon on the top left-hand side of the screen. This populates the right-hand row with suggestions for the next paragraph.

You can then select the best suggestion and insert it into the main body of your work. One thing to note is that Sudowrite can also understand your writing style and continue to write in the same manner.

After the insertion of the text - the text is highlighted in purple, to show it is still a rough draft. Once you have edited and continued with your story the text, will turn black.

Try out the Sudowrite Guided tour by clicking on the button below:

Now let's look at all the features and different tools within Sudowrite.

Write Feature

What is the Write feature?

The Write feature is an advanced autocomplete function and can help you to continue writing if you're brain cells need a little nudge. Sudowrite analyzes the context of your writing and generates text for the next paragraph that reads as if it was written by you.  You will still need to read it and amend it where appropriate to make sure it makes sense.

Imagine your current writing project is a science fiction (sci-fi) piece of work, and you just can't think of any technical jargon or character names in this genre.  This function will provide suggestions in the right-hand column (see below). It will give a few suggested paragraphs that you can insert into the body of the story.

The suggested text has been added in the main body below

It can even give you suggestions to go in a completely different direction that you may not have thought of.

Describe Feature

The “Describe” button provides suggestions (sensory detail) to describe a particular word. For example, if you are struggling to find the right words to describe a “shelter”.

Sudowriter can offer sensory (sight, smell, taste, sound, touch - five senses) detail suggestions and metaphorical descriptions.  In my example below I highlighted the word “shelter” and it suggested a sensory-related paragraph-level recommendation. You can see the sight-related recommendation highlighted in grey below

Rewrite Feature

The Rewrite tool is excellent for improving aspects of your story. Continuing on with my science fiction story, let's say I want to give a scene a more ominous feel with a battle raging above in the skies, you can ask Sudowrite to rewrite an existing paragraph. In my example, I have asked Sudowrite to rewrite my paragraph in a more descriptive manner as you can see from the screenshots below.

You can choose to rephrase, make it shorter, more descriptive, or more intense.

Brainstorming Feature

The brainstorming feature can help with complex narrative problems. If you give Sudowrite a problem context. For instance, if the protagonist has been shot by the invading aliens and you need some additional outcomes. The Brainstorm feature once given enough information in terms of what you are looking for and context will suggest a number of outcomes. You can then vote on these outcomes, select the ones you like and add them to your work. Sudowrite will also use this to tailor future suggestions.


Summarise feature

The Summarize feature does what it says: it summarizes chunks of text. For example, you can feed Sudowrite a handful of chapters from your book, and it will give you back an outline for each.

As an example, literary agents and publishers may also be able to use the tool to create summaries for the books in their slush piles.

Twist Feature

Sudowrite's twist feature enables creative writers to easily create compelling stories by adding unexpected plot twists. The feature allows you to quickly generate an assortment of unique story ideas, that you select from depending on how you want the story to move forward.

This feature can help you as a writer to make your story more dynamic and exciting as well as add a layer of unpredictability to your work to captivate your readers.

Bottomline is that it will help you explore new character arcs and storyline possibilities and only add to your imagination.

The way to use it is to select a genre, type a few summary sentences of your story (or provide a setting, plot twist, and a little bit of the characters), and hit submit!

Character Feature

This feature allows you to type in a minimum of 3 names and it will create characters that you can either select or regenerate new names for your story.

Sudowrite suggests that for best results, try to be consistent with the details for each character. (For example, if you describe a character’s physical appearance, personality traits, and personal goals within the story, you should  follow the same pattern and order for the other characters.)

Poetry Feature

The Poetry Feature in Sudowrite is a unique tool that will enable you to generate original poems. If you are looking to add emotional depth to your work by incorporating poetry, then I suggest you try out this feature. It could help create meaningful and impactful text that captures your audience's attention.

You could also use this feature to gain further inspiration for a new idea or two and create interesting and complex storylines for their stories.

Below you can see some instructions that I gave and the resulting poem output. Pretty good I thought!

Canvas Feature

Canvas is a freeform brainstorming tool right at your fingertips for you to storyboard any ideas that you have. It basically looks like a digital "sticky notes" brainstorming board.

So instead of getting bogged down in endless pages of written notes, or manually mind mapping on paper, you can use this handy tool and create virtual sticky notes for everything from character traits to worldbuilding details.

You can get started by clicking on the canvas link on the left-hand side of the screen.

This opens up the canvas page. Once on this screen, click on the plus icon at the bottom of the page – this brings up a card in which you can start typing your ideas.

One thing about this freeform tool is that you can literally move the cards anywhere you want to. If you click on visualize button it will take the text in the card and generate images (using Dall-e). It uses your word quota and each picture uses 100 words.

Sudowrite Quick Start Guide Video

Key Benefits of Sudowrite

Automated Content Creation: Takes the hassle out of writing and allows you to overcome writer's block. It can give you ideas for extending the story, better descriptions, plots, characters, etc

Canvas: provides the opportunity to freeform storyboard and get a skeleton of a story outline, plus add in visuals to help you bring the story alive.

Wordsmith: Sudowrite will offer words that you may not have thought of.

AI-Powered Feedback: Sudowrite provides feedback on your writing and suggests ways to improve it.

Shrink Ray: A summary tool that will summarize chunks of your writing  document into four different output types:

  • logline
  • blurb
  • synopsis
  • outline

So you can upload your manuscript and get loglines, blurbs, synopsis, and full outlines automatically using Shrink Ray.

Sudowrite Pros

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Very easy to learn and start to use in a short amount of time
  • The Brainstorming feature is excellent for taking your story forward
  • Affordable plans (starting from $10/month).
  • The Rewrite tool can give sections of your story the appropriate tone.
  • Sudowrite can create an infinite number of side characters
  • Its Describe feature is excellent for writers who struggle with sensory descriptions
  • Has a Chrome extension, so you can work in Google Docs if you like!

Sudowrite Cons

  • Some of its features are experimental (Beta) and may not work as intended
  • No integrated plagiarism checker

Sudowrite Competition

Sudowrite vs ChaptGPT

While ChatGPT is a fantastic chatbot with a lot of uses, Sudowrite might just be the better tool for writers looking to hone their craft. Not only is it designed specifically for story writing, but it also offers a range of features - like Canvas, Brainstorm, and Describe - that make writing easier and more enjoyable. Even though Sudowrite uses Open AI language models too, it's still fine-tuned for story writing, giving you a truly superior experience. If you're an amateur or professional writer, it's definitely worth the investment in Sudowrite.

Sudowrite vs Jasper

Sudowrite and Jasper are both powerful AI tools designed to help generate engaging content.

Sudowrite focuses on providing you with story ideas, potential new characters, twists, and poetic elements. So it is the better option for you if you are looking for guidance and inspiration to jumpstart your creative process.

Jasper on the other hand is more tailored towards natural language generation, allowing it to produce original content quickly. It's best suited for you if need help to generate content from scratch as its sophisticated AI models can accurately generate text in any given style or tone.

How Much Does Sudowrite Cost?


How Does the Free Trial Work?

Sudowrite offers a free trial of 4000 generated words to explore its key features like brainstorming, describing, and rewriting. Users need to sign up using email to try Sudowrite. The free trial does not require a credit card

Can I Cancel My Subscription at Any Time?

Yes you can

Will I Still Have Access to My Work If I Cancel My Subscription?

Absolutely. If you can cancel, you still get access to your work.

No. Sudowrite does not own the copyright. You would own everything Sudowrite’s AI generates

Can you overuse Sudowrite?

Sudowrite works best when it is used to help unblock creativity, get new ideas, help to think differently and overcome writer’s block.

What does Canva do within Sudowrite?

Canvas is a spatial way to collaborate with the Sudowrite AI. with it to can:

  • Explore narrative ideas
  • Brainstorm plot lines
  • Use Visualize to turn text cards into DALL-E images


There are so many AI tools specifically for writing, with a handful targetting creative writing and Sudowrite is one of the best.

Sudowrite as an AI writing assistant is a perfect companion. Best suited if you are writing novels, writing fiction, or going through a creative process of building your story but are confronted with writer's block. There are many features that can help with including more detail in your work, like the brainstorming tools that cover and help in developing your rough first draft.

It is an AI tool that can become indispensable after you have used it for the first time.

Many writers in the coming months and years will discover AI writing tools to better support their writing.

Exclusive Bonus

Current Sudowrite Offers include the following: If you subscribe through the link below you will receive an extra 10,000 AI Words in your account.

Here is a compilation of Sudowrite Feature Videos, to give to a better understanding of this amazing AI writing tool.  Click Here

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