What is Writerzen AI?


Writerzen is an AI assistant that offers an end-to-end AI writing solution that includes:

  • Researching topics
  • Finding high-impact keywords
  • Clustering keywords
  • Getting competitor insights
  • Writing SEO-optimised content, that can rank high on search engine results.

Who Should use Writerzen AI?

Writerzen is aimed at marketers, entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, content writers, agencies, and just about anyone who wants control over finding the best keywords and then using an integrated AI writer to write optimized written content.

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Writerzen AI?

WriterZen comes with a bunch of functionality:

  • Topic Discovery

Discover different topics, get ideas from your competitors, and uncover the most relevant headlines for your content. It also includes advanced topic clustering where you can find clusters of new topics widely or closely related to your niche.

• Keyword Explorer

Generate 1000s of keyword ideas from one phrase. Build long-tail keyword lists and get insight such as search volume, CPC, competition, search trends and find low-competition keywords. You can also forecast keywords’ revenue which it does by analyzing Google’s organic CTR history across industries. This can offer some insight into forecasting sales potential.

• Keyword Planner

Import up to 20,000 keywords and cluster them into different lists. Extract advanced insights to get actionable content briefs.

• Content Creator

This is the editor that will allow you and your team to collaborate and write and manage all your content.  Within this section, you can toggle to the AI Assistant (based on Open AI ChatGPT).

• Plagiarism Checker

Helps to create original content that is plagiarism free by scanning against billions of pages on Google’s database to ensure originality. Plus the Plagiarism Checker also supports 46 different languages.

• Team function

Your team can manage all content projects in a central place. Invite your team, plus also share temporary remote access with freelancers. Tasks can be easily delegated and it also includes real-time monitoring of tasks and projects.

Benefits include:

  • Fast and efficient keyword research
  • Save time and effort in creating content that engages your audience
  • Improve search engine ranking and increase your website's traffic.
  • Improve your content's readability

What makes Writerzen AI Different?

Writerzen.net provides a collaborative space to do your keyword research and write optimized articles that ranks higher on search engines.

Summary of Writerzen.net

An all-in-one platform that simplifies the content creation process from keyword research, writing to SEO.  

• Keyword explorer tool, keyword clustering functionality
• AI content writing tool
• SEO optimization tool
• Readability enhancer tool

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