What is the Best AI Copywriting Tool?

Best AI Copywriting Tool

Let's first start with what a copywriter is.

Here is my definition......a copywriter is an individual who produces attention-grabbing, persuasive, compelling, and engaging written content for the purpose of drawing in the reader.

Now we have established this, are you able you name a few world-renowned copywriters?

In my list of top 3, are:

  • Gary Halbert
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Claude Hopkins

If you know anything about copywriters, you may have a different set of top 3 copywriters but the point is, these individuals have written some of the most effective copy in their respective fields.

The next question I have is, can AI copywriters write as well as these human copywriters?

From testing many AI copywriting tools, I would say that you can prompt AI tools to write in a style of a specific copywriter and get some pretty good results.

So let's test this out.   Using Claude AI (developed by Anthropic) I gave it the following prompt:

"Write me a punchy headline and a paragraph of copy in the style of the famous copywriter Gary Halbert to promote the AI software called rytr.me"

....and here is the result: 🥁.......

Give Your Lazy Fingers a Break and Let Rytr.me Type Fortune-Building Copy 24/7

Listen up, friends. If you want to increase conversions 300% without lifting a finger, then rytr.me is your new best friend.

This crazy-smart AI writes high-converting copy around the clock. Just tell it what you're selling, and BOOM - sales letters, emails, landing pages, you name it.

No more wasting weeks trying to come up with words. Rytr.me handles it all for you in seconds. I'm talking copy that sells like gangbusters.

Don't let this goldmine pass you by. With Rytr.me, you'll crush your income goals and buy that beach house you've had your eye on.

Supplies of this profit-pumping AI are limited, so click below now to start minting money on autopilot.

Imagine kicking back while rytr.me makes you a fortune. It's like having a cash printer in your computer!

Quit struggling and click here to get rytr.me working its magic for your business. You will be blown away at how fast the profits pile up.

But hurry! At this low price, rytr.me will sell out fast. Grab it now and take your income to the next level.

So what do you think?

From my point of view, the style is full of sizzle, but there are some inaccuracies/false text, such as:

  • Converts around the clock
  • Increase conversions 300%
  • Supplies of this profit-pumping AI are limited

What I wanted to demonstrate here is that we can certainly use AI copywriting tools to write copy, but it's important to:

1) Select the right AI Tool (you may need to test a few out)

2) Provide it with the most effective prompts (you might need to go through a process of trial and error)

3) Review for factual inaccuracies and erroneous statements.

The AI copywriters can certainly save time, effort, and money if used properly, but they do need to be meticulously managed and the output reviewed.

In this article, I will walk you through a few AI copywriting tools for you to consider and test out.

What is AI Copywriting Software?

Based on what a human copywriter is and does (above) an AI copywriting tool is software that basically mimics a human copywriter using artificial intelligence (AI).

As we have seen, it's best to take the text output, review, reword and recheck making sure the copy is up to scratch.

If done well, you can get some great AI-created copy, that can transform your content marketing strategy.

Key Features and Benefits of AI Copywriting

The best AI copywriting tools have various features that can significantly enhance your content creation process. Here are some key features and benefits that you can get from copywriting tools on the market:


When you have tight deadlines, AI copywriting tools can come to the rescue with fast and efficient content generation.    You can generate some good content in minutes.  Even if you have to refine the text, it can still save you hours of  research and writing.

Content Diversity

These tools can enable you to quickly produce a wide range of content, from social media posts to email campaigns and blog articles. Plus you can produce content on various topics and styles, catering to various audiences and niches.


AI copywriting tools can help maintain a consistent tone and voice across all your content, ensuring brand consistency and credibility.....as long as you provide the right guidance/prompts.


You can also use the tools to undertake research for your copy.

SEO Optimisation

Some tools offer SEO optimization suggestions, helping you create content that ranks well on search engines and drives more traffic to your website.

Multiple Languages

Writing or converting into different languages makes it easier if you have an international audience.

Boost Creativity

AI-powered tools can offer fresh perspectives and ideas, inspiring you to explore new angles in your content.

Increased Productivity

With AI-generating content, you can more time to focus on other aspects of your business, like marketiing or strategy.


Hiring experienced and professional copywriters can cost a lot of money, especially for small businesses. AI copywriting tools offer a cost-effective alternative . Some of them also offer a free plan so that you can test  the features before investing in their premium versions.

Improved Content Quality

AI tools often suggest relevant keywords and provide grammatically correct content, ensuring higher content quality.

Best AI Copywriting Tool
AI-Generated Image 

Drawbacks of AI Copywriting Tools

This article wouldn't be balanced if we didn't include some limitations of AI copywriting tools.

These tools take a large amount of pre-existing data, existing articles and essentially create a new piece of copy.  Sure we can say that the output is new, but it doesn’t mean it’s original.

The other point to mention is that people buy on emotion and justify the purchase through logic. Emotions greatly influence and in many cases, even determine our buying decisions. So the copy needs to prod the buyer's emotion.  Sure we maybe able to train AI to generate emotive words and sentences, but these tools may not be able articulate emotion as well as human copywriters. At least for now. 🤪

So, you may need to work some additional emotion into the AI-generated copy.

Choosing the Best AI Copywriting Tool

Below I have provided a short list of some AI writing tools that I have personally tested. Each AI article writer tool, if clicked on, will take you to a short product review on the homepage of this site.  

Clicking on Claude AI will take you to their website, where you can test it out for FREE.  


How should you use an AI Copywriting Tool?

Let me give you some high-level steps:

1) TOPIC: Decide what topic you want to write about.

2) AI TOOL: Select a suitable AI copywriting tool from the powerful AI copywriting tools available.  (There is a bunch on our homepage).

3) AI TOOL TEMPLATE: Select the appropriate writing template from within the AI software tool. Many have a long list of predefined writing templates e.g. product descriptions, AIDA framework, Ad copy, etc.

4) GUIDANCE/PROMPT: You should set the parameters and guidance for the copywriting tool. This could include content goals,  specific prompts/instructions, like the tone of voice, any specific keywords you want included, length, and language. This ensures that the AI generates content that aligns with your requirements and brand identity.

5) REVIEW/AMEND As said previously, take the output review, reword, and recheck.

We know that more and more people and organizations are using AI copywriting tools to help with their marketing and this will only snowball especially as the AI tools get better.  While AI copy is impressive, reviewing the generated content for accuracy and tone is essential. Make any necessary edits to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision

Final Thoughts

Embracing AI copywriting tools has transformed how I personally create business content.  Using them effectively can elevate your content creation process and take your business to new heights. So, give the above list of AI Copywriting tools a spin.


Is it OK to use AI for copywriting?

Yes, it is ok to use AI for copywriting, but do make sure the output is factually correct, reads well, and has the right tone of voice for your brand, as well as has originality. 

How do AI Copywriting Tools Work?

AI copywriting software utilize machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate human-like content. They understand the context and style of your writing, making it easier to create compelling copy for various purposes.

Will AI Replace Copywriters?

While AI tools are powerful assistants, they can't completely replace human creativity and emotional intelligence. They excel at generating drafts and ideas, but human writers still need to add the final touch of authenticity and flair.

Check out my other blog: Will AI Replace Writers?

Is AI-Generated Copy Plagiarism Free?

Yes, AI-generated copies are original and plagiarism-free. The content is created based on patterns from vast data, ensuring uniqueness. However, always review the output to maintain originality and comply with copyright regulations. 

You can also use a plagiarism checker like Originality AI  to check the uniqueness of your website copy, blog, product description, and other types of content.

How do I Choose the Right AI Writing Assistant Tool for my Needs?

There are a bunch of things to consider including, how much money you want to spend, preferred features, ease of use, etc. Many tools offer free trials, I would suggest you test a few from the list above and any others from our homepage and find your favorite writing companion.

Are AI Copywriting Tools Capable of Creating High-Quality and Engaging Content?

Yes, many AI copywriting tools are designed to produce high-quality content, but as you can see from my example at the start of this blog, you need to check whether the output is relevant, coherent, and engaging for your audience. Never forget to review and amend the content for accuracy, tone of voice, etc.

What is the Most Advanced AI Writing Tool?

There are many AI copywriting tools available that are continually jostling for the most advanced status. Each of them is adding features regularly, but Jasper AI is a well-established and known AI writing tool that has gone through a few revisions. 

Having said this, I do suggest you look at the list above and try some of the other great AI copywriting tools.

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