What is Moonbeam AI Writer?

Moon Beam AI Writer

Moonbeam Writer is a long-form AI writing assistant that helps users compose essays, articles, blogs, and other long-form content.

It has some unique features that I have not seen previously such as the Moonbeam Wizard and Content Clusters, which I explain further down this article.

Who should use the Moonbeam AI Writer?

When setting up Moonbeam it actually asks you to select one of the following personas:

  • Content Marketer
  • Educator
  • Business
  • Student
  • Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Other
Moon Beam Writing

How to Use MoonBeam AI Writer

The homepage looks like the below screen grab. With a vertical menu bar on the left-hand side.

The main part of the screen, which is entitled "Launchpad" has 2 windows:

1) Moonbeam Wizard

2) Your Documents

Moonbeam Wizard

Here is how to use the Moonbeam Wizard:

Step 1: Click on "Moonbeam Wizard" and it takes you to a new page – where it asks you to type in a relevant contextual phrase that you want to generate content for.

I tested this out by typing in the following:

"Short Blog on how to select an AI writer for copywriting", then I clicked on the “Generate Outline” Button

The Moonbeam writer generated the following outline:

• Brief overview of the increasing role of AI in copywriting
• Importance of selecting the right AI writer for business professionals
What is an AI Writer?
• Explanation of what an AI Writer does and its benefits
• Examples of tasks an AI Writer can undertake
Understanding Your Copywriting Needs
• Importance of identifying what you need from an AI Writer
• Discuss various aspects to consider, such as content type, volume, frequency, etc.
Key Features to Look for in an AI Writer
• Detailing important features such as language understanding, personalization capabilities, content quality, etc.
• Explanation of the significance of each feature
Top AI Writers for Copywriting
• Presentation of a few top AI writers currently available in the market
• Discussing their strengths and weaknesses
How to Test an AI Writer
• Steps to follow to test the effectiveness of an AI Writer
• Importance of running a trial before final selection
Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them
• Discussion on potential hurdles that may arise when using an AI writer
• Solutions and strategies to overcome these challenges
• Recap of the importance of choosing the right AI Writer for your business
• Encouragement for embracing AI technology for successful copywriting.

I have to admit the above outline for an article is pretty impressive!

Step 2  - I clicked on the “Create a Draft” Button
This is where it gets a little crazy, as the Moonbeam AI writer, completes the full article by writing a paragraph for each of the sections above.  I was going to post the full written article below – but it's pretty long...... but very good!

Don't take my word for it,  I suggest you try it yourself: Moonbeam AI Writing

Content Clusters

This feature which can be found on the left-hand menu bar – allows you to type in instructions on a topic. I typed in "AI Writers".

.....and it generated the below content clusters!  Nice! very nice indeed........ all these article suggestions from one keyword!

Each of these is basically a standalone article idea.

You can click on the "Create" button under any of these suggestions and it will take you to the Moonbeam Wizard, where you can generate the article outline (same process as the above example: "Short Blog on how to select an AI writer for copywriting"). The final step is that the outline/subheadings get filled in and before you know it you have a complete article!

This is a pretty cool feature!

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Moonbeam AI Writer?

Key Features include:

  • GPT selection: The Moonbeam AI writing tool gives you the option to select from either GPT 3.5 Turbo for faster writing or GPT 4 the latest language model – for accuracy, size, and speed.
  • Wizard Feature: As described above, this function produces a useful outline/structure, and then fills it in with well-written paragraphs.
  • Chat: Is integrated into the editor and can be used for on-the-fly modifications to the text.
  • Content Cluster Generation: Generates comprehensive content clusters around a simple prompt or keyword.
  • Luna function: It is essentially a standalone Chatbot. Give it prompts for instant replies
  • Advanced Text Editing: Allows users to refine complete or highlighted text, paraphrase concisely, and improve their writing.

For me, the key benefits are that the Moonbeam AI writer is very easy-to-use, it is able to generate article outlines using the Moonbean Wizard and produces content clusters. This all translates to fast time to finished articles..... and articles that are well structured and with good content.

....and you know what they say about time......time is money!

What makes Moonbeam AI Writing Different?

For me, it was the Moonbeam Wizard and Content Clustering that makes this AI writer stand out.

I'll certainly be using this AI Writer going forward.

Summary of Moonbeam AI Writing

This is a great long-form content writer, which is very easy to use.  The onboarding process is short and smooth, offering plain and easy instructions and guidance.

It took me about 5 minutes to try out the key features and see how they worked. They are interlinked with each other offering a seamless experience.

Moonbeam Pro is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee - so definitely take it for a spin, you've got nothing to lose, and you may just find your next writing companion!

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