What is Lex AI?

Lex AI Writing Tool
Lex AI Writing Tool 

Think of Lex AI as a web-based word processor but with AI superpowers.
This writing assistant uses machine learning to understand your writing style and generates new content based on this style.

Who Should Use Lex AI?

The Lex.page app is suitable for anyone who wants a simple-to-use word processing solution but one that is AI-powered to help get writing done quickly and easily.

Users can include:

  • Solopreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Small, Medium size businesses
  • Students
  • Agencies

......just about anyone who wants a simple-to-use writing editor that can also help in those moments when you need some new and fresh ideas for your next paragraph.

What Can Lex.page be Used For?

Lex.page can be used for a wide variety of writing including:

  • Newsletters
  • Blogs, Articles
  • Essays
  • Product descriptions
  • Creative Writing
  • Ads
  • Copywriting

....the personalization screenshot further down gives a long list of writing types.

How Should You Use the Lex AI Writing Tool

Here are some step-by-step screenshots of how Lex walks you through the initial setup.

Once you get past these simple steps, you can start using the editor

You are first greeted with the below message.

Lex AI Writing Tool
Lex AI Writing Tool 

Next, the below window, informs you that you will need to personalize your Lex AI.

Lex AI Writing Tool
Lex AI Writing Tool 

In this next step, you select the different types of writing, to personalize the tool.

Lex AI Writing Tool
Lex AI Writing Tool 

Lex AI then acknowledges the writing types you are interested in

Lex AI Writing Tool
Lex AI Writing Tool 

.....and finally, it shows you 3 of the key features (below) and how to use them, before you go off and write your masterpiece.

Lex AI Writing Tool
Lex AI Writing Tool 

Once you get past this initial setup, below is what the editor looks like.

I have also included the "Ask Lex" window on the right-hand side of the screenshot.

Lex AI Writing Tool
Lex AI Writing Tool 

What are the Key Features and Benefits of the Lex AI Writing Tool?

Features Include:

  • Document stats: Word and Character count
  • Language Model Selection: GPT-3, ChatGPT and GPT-4
  • Creativity Level:  Set from Low to High
  • Font Size and Family
  • File Export options: Download in PDF, Markdown, Word or HTML
  • Formatting: Text Formatting
  • Collaboration: Work with others on the same document
  • Ask Lex: This is basically the artificial intelligence bot that can help you brainstorm, edit, and proofread. You can access it whilst you are writing by clicking on  “Ask Lex” icon on the top right of the page (as shown above).

It can be activated by clicking on the icon shown below.

Lex AI Writing Tool
Ask Lex
  • Auto-complete:  By typing +++ (command+enter), the AI will generate the next paragraph of text for you.
  • Auto-first draft:  If you are unsure of how to start, the auto-first draft feature works really well.

What makes Lex AI Different?

For me Ask Lex feature is a great little feature.  

Ask Lex, opens up a window next to the Lex editor, and in real-time you can look up information.  You can then copy and paste it into your article. This all happens on the same screen without having to go to a different site (e.g. Google. ChatGPT, Claude AI, etc) - this makes research and brainstorming easy and fast.

The other key feature that works really well is the "Auto-first Draft" as shown above.

Here is a link that takes you to a Lex page that explains the basic Lex AI features and how to use them:  LEX AI

Summary of the Lex AI Writer

As you see Lex.page is a new AI-powered word processor. It is designed to help with writing as it can help you write better, and faster, plus help you overcome writer's block.

Some people liken it to Google Docs as an editor, as it is a clean and simple-to-use word processor/ editor.

Definitely worth trying out, especially as it's FREE!


Is Lex Writing FREE?

Yes, it is Free. 

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