The 15 Best AI Business Plan Generators

The 15 Best AI Business Plan Generators

A Short Refresher on Business Plans 

I am sure we are familiar with what a business plan is but let's refresh our memories on what constitutes a business plan and its purpose. 

Fundamentally it is a document outlining a startup or existing business's goals, strategies, and operations. It typically includes the following sections:

  1. Mission, vision, business objectives, and strategy. 
  2. Market understanding
  3. Product or service offering along with pricing 
  4. Sales & marketing strategy
  5. Resources such as people, funding, investment, etc.
  6. Forecast of sales and growth

...and generally speaking, the business plan should offer an insight into:  

  • Roadmap: It provides a clear path and direction for your business.
  • Funding: It helps secure investment or financing from lenders and investors.
  • Goal Alignment: It aligns the team and resources with your business objectives.
  • Risk Management: It identifies potential challenges and how to mitigate them.
  • Efficiency: It aids in efficient resource allocation and cost control.
  • Measurable Progress: It sets benchmarks for tracking business growth.
  • Adaptability: It allows for adjustments to changing market conditions.
  • Communication: It serves as a valuable tool for conveying your business strategy to stakeholders.

If done properly it can take some time and effort to pull together a business plan.  In my personal experience, I have found that many businesses fail to write up a clear, concise, impactful, business plan,  maybe because of the effort required to create a comprehensive plan. 

This is where AI-powered business plan generators can come into play and provide some real advantage in helping craft a meaningful and high-quality business plan in less time.

What is an AI Business Plan Generator

An AI Business Plan Generator is software that can not only speed up the development of a business plan but it can also use its knowledge base to offer potential ideas for your plan you may not have thought of.

We have had business plan software for years, but these were essentially business plan templates that one would fill in with a little assistance from the application. With AI assistance these AI-powered tools can do a lot more now. 

Depending on the artificial intelligence under the hood of a given business plan generator the AItool can automate the process of developing comprehensive business strategies, financial forecasts, and market analyses.  AI business plan generators significantly reduce the time and effort required to create a business plan, making them an invaluable resource for startups and small businesses looking to streamline their planning process.

The advantages of using AI business plan generators are manifold:

  • Time Efficiency: AI generators can create a business plan in a fraction of the time it would take a human. As a minimum it will give you a baseline to further build on the plan 
  • Accuracy: AI can ensure your business plan is based on precise data and current market trends, minimizing errors and miscalculations, especially if you feed in the right market data. 
  • Customization: You can input your specific business details and goals, resulting in a plan that aligns perfectly with your vision.
  • Cost-Effective: Instead of hiring expensive consultants, AI Business Plan Generators offer an affordable and efficient alternative.
  • Data-Driven Insights: They provide valuable insights and recommendations based on data analysis, helping you make informed decisions, again as long as you control and manage yourAItool's knowledge base. 

The 15 Best AI Business Plan Generators

To help youwriteabusinessplanI have provided a list of the 15 best AI business plan generators.  I suggest  you review and take a few out for a spin and decide which one you feel is best for you and your business planning needs:

  1. ChatGPT: Develop yourbusiness planwith ChatGPT. It can help in not only structuring a business plan but also writing each section as long as you provide it with all of the information and context regarding your business, product/solution, and market. Use you also consider the AIPRM for ChatGPT extension where you can find an array of templates and business planning prompts.  
  2. Groove AI: This is a sales and marketing-focused platform that can allow you to develop a business plan template and generate the plan for each section. You can also train the knowledge base with input from 100's of business plan sites, plans, and articles, so it can draw on them to help you generate the perfect business plan. 
  3. 15-Minute Plan:   It walks you through several questions about your business with the end result being a comprehensive business plan output. 
  4. Live Plan: Live Plan is an existing software that has now incorporated AI to assist in the business planning process. 
  5. Upmetrics: This AI-powered business plan generator helps entrepreneurs create comprehensive business plans. You can get 400+ fully customizable sample business plans along with guidance in the way of video tutorials. 
  6. Cuttles:   All-in-one business plan software for startups. Cuttles guide you through all the steps of building your startup business plan. Here is their short promotional video:

AI Business Plan Generator

  1. Idea Buddy: This is an All-in-one business planning software.  

AI Business Plan Generator

  1. Bizway: Check out the video below

AI Business Plan Generator

  1. Text.Cortex: I used the software to create a business plan prompt. Here is the prompt: "You are a business planning consultant with 25 years of experience in writing comprehensive business plans across all industries. Write out a full and comprehensive business plan outline with all of the headlines. Create a business plan blueprint template that I can use to fill in ." ......and it created a comprehensive business plan template for me to fill in with the help of AI.  You can see the plan format further down this article
  2. ProAI:  I have downloaded their video - I can imbed it here 

  1. Word Kraftai: The software will offer you several business plan subheadings that you can amend. You can add key details about your business and market and the AI will provide a business plan that you can iteratively change until it meets your needs. I was also able to use Wordkraft's free business plan template  - try it out for yourself. 
  2. specializes in data-driven business plans, making it an ideal choice for those who rely heavily on analytics.

13. Check out Copy AI as it too can help generate compelling and persuasive business plans.

14. Cohesive: With cohesive you can write out a comprehensive business plan framework/ start to input your company specifics.

15. Simplified AI: Simplified AI offers an array of tools, including an AI presentation maker, image generator, AI writer, and more, making it an all-in-one solution for business planning.

.....and the bonus tool for your business is ......

Dime a Dozen AI:    I have added Dime a Dozen, although it does not strictly produce a business plan it does however use A.I. to instantly validate your business ideas, save valuable time and either help you stay or track or pivot. 

Using a Business Plan Generator - Here is an example!

Here is the Business plan template I created with Text.Cortex (as mentioned above) and it does include many of the elements that a business plan should include. I would also say that these AI-generated plans can be as good as any professional business plans developed by business consultants. 

Executive Summary

  • Brief introduction to the business
  • Mission statement
  • Products/services offered
  • Target market
  • Financial projections

Business Description

  • Detailed information about your business
  • Legal structure
  • Company history (if applicable)
  • Location and facilities
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Competitive advantages

Market Analysis

  • Industry overview
  • Target market demographics
  • Market trends and outlook
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis

Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Marketing plan
  • Sales strategy
  • Advertising and promotion plans
  • V. Products and Services
  • Detailed description of products/services
  • Pricing strategy
  • Research and development plans

Operations and Management

  • Management team and staff
  • Organizational structure
  • Employee training and development
  • Manufacturing and production processes (if applicable)
  • Quality control measures
  • Inventory control
  • Supply chain management

Financial Projections

  • Projected income statements
  • Projected balance sheets
  • Cash flow projections
  • Break-even analysis
  • Capital requirements and sources of financing


  • Supporting documents such as resumes, permits, licenses, contracts, and legal documents
  • Market research data
  • Product/service images or diagrams
  • Marketing materials

Summary of the Best AI Business Plan Generators

As an entrepreneur, you will need to create your business plan and the use of an AI writing assistant can help expedite writing a formal business plan.   

Drafting a business plan was previously viewed to be a daunting task, but these tools for business have shown there is an alternative option to speed up and support the process. 

As you can see other are numerous ways to create long-form or short-form business plans with AI.  AI tools like Chatgpt can be prompted to generate specific sections of a plan (or use one of the AIPRMs extensions), alternatively, you can choose an AI tool that has a specific business plan template that you can use. 

AI Business Plan Generators are the future of efficient and effective business planning. They save time, enhance accuracy, and provide tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes. The top 15 tools we've explored in this blog offer a wide range of features and cater to various needs, from content creation to data-driven planning. By choosing the right AI Business Plan Generator for your business, you can create a clear path to success for your business.   

I am personally a big fan of a simple business plan specifically a one-page business plan, even if you have to use font size 2!.  When presenting a high-level understanding of my plan, I tend to find a one-page plan does the job, as long as it covers the main points. 

If you are looking for free business plan generators, you can usually use most of the AI tools that have a business plan generator for free for a limited number of words. Although I feel paying even for a month on a monthly subscription and getting the full functionality is the way to go.....especially as a business plan is such an important document to help start your business as well as drive it into a highly profitable business. 

As you can see business plan creation is now a much easier task, as you can generate accurate and comprehensive business plans with the aid of advanced AI business plan go ahead and test out a few tools with AI capabilities. 

FAQs for the BestAIBusiness PlanGenerators

Are AI Business Plan Generators Suitable for Startups?

Absolutely! AIBusiness Plan Generators are ideal for startups as they streamline the planning process, ensuring that your business strategy is well-structured from the beginning.

Can I Customize my Business Plan using AI Generators?

Yes, most AI Business Plan Generators allow for customization, enabling you to input specific details and goals to tailor your plan to your unique vision.

Do These Tools Provide Financial Forecasts?

A number of them do offer financial forecasting capabilities to help you plan your budget effectively.

Which AI Business Plan Generator is Best for Content Creators?

Any of the above 15 tools apply to content creators

Note: For a Database of AI Tools click here: AI Tools Tribe 

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