What Is Frase?

AI Writer

Frase helps to create SEO-friendly content and has automated most of the manual tasks that used to take a lot of time for SEO managers.

Being an SEO content creator, you know how much time it takes to carry out simple keyword research, review keyword volumes, compare keyword difficulty, and then optimize your written content so it ranks high for your selected keyword.

Frase can do all this and more whilst saving you time and effort.

The tool acts as a content-creating assistant and provides a comprehensive outline that covers topics to fulfill the intent of the keyword. The list of keywords helps you write SEO-friendly content, but the twist is that you don't have to write everything on your own. The tool also offers an AI writing assistant who writes content based on your prompts. 

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Who Should Use Frase?

Frase's unique blend of SEO research, content outline, and AI writing assistance makes it a versatile tool for several groups.

Bloggers and freelance writers - As mentioned earlier, Frase simplifies the content creation process by generating research-backed outlines, suggesting relevant keywords, and providing AI-powered drafts to overcome writer's block.

SEO content specialists – This tool has been designed to provide content that search engines look for, so it can be a vital tool for the SEO manager.  Frase helps optimize content for specific keywords, analyze competitor content, and ensure content covers essential topics for high search engine ranking.

In-house marketing teams - It facilitates content creation for multiple projects by offering outlines, topic suggestions, and collaborative features.

Marketing agencies - With loads of work from the clients, agencies witness bottlenecks. Frase helps agencies deliver optimized content for clients, improve client ROI, and manage multiple projects efficiently.

E-commerce businesses - Frase aids in creating SEO-friendly product descriptions, blog posts, and landing pages to boost organic traffic and sales.

Content marketing teams - This tool supports content teams in producing consistent, high-quality content that aligns with SEO goals and brand voice.

What Can Frase Be Used For?

Frase's range of capabilities makes it a tool with many potential uses, but its core functionalities fall into three main categories.

SEO Research and Keyword Targeting:

You can see what content ranks for your target keywords, uncovering relevant topics, headings, and word count trends. Then, SEO can identify keyword opportunities. They can discover related keywords, long-tail variations, and search intent to expand your content reach. Also, it helps to compare your content to competitors' for key SEO factors like content depth, topic coverage, and backlinks.

Content Outlining and Planning

You will be able to generate AI-powered content briefs. It creates outlines in seconds based on your target keyword and competitor analysis, ensuring no key topics are missed. You just give a visual concept map, and then the tool organizes your content in a mind map style for a clear overview of topic relationships and information flow. You even get AI-driven suggestions for headings and subheadings that are engaging and SEO-friendly.

AI Writing and Content Creation

This tool also offers AI-powered drafts. It makes full-length drafts or specific sections like intros, conclusions, or FAQs based on your outlines and chosen keywords. With this tool, you can repurpose a piece of content by asking it to rewrite or improve existing sentences for clarity, conciseness, and improved readability. You can also fine-tune the AI writing style to go with your brand's voice and target audience.

How to Research Competitors


Intro to the AI Writer


Optimizing Content


Using the Content Analytics Tool


The above short videos should give you a very good idea of how to use Frase at every step of the way.

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Is Frase io Free?

You can get started for only $1. Click here: Frase

What is Frase io Pricing?

You can find the latest tiered pricing on their website, click here: Frase

What are Frase io Alternatives?

You can find several alternative AI tools here: AI Tools Tribe

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